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Barnett & Demrow Funeral Home(606-379-2011)
McWhorter Kenny(606-364-2965)
McQueen Druice(606-364-5847)
Howard Lula(606-364-3687)
Clark Katrina(606-364-2874)
Pryor Danny(606-364-4289)
McQueen James(606-364-2288)
McQueen Saundra(606-364-2288)
Reed Earl(606-364-5467)
Baker Wallace(606-364-4486)
Marcum James A(606-364-8319)
Holcomb Jerry(606-364-5729)
McWhorter Jess(606-364-3689)
Coffey Edwin A(606-364-2330)
McWhorter Bessie(606-364-5353)
Runion George(606-364-5651)
Couch Molly(606-364-8519)
Melton Ralph E(606-364-5322)
Melton Gary(606-364-5769)
Collett Freddie J(606-364-5227)
Garland Debbie(606-364-2812)
Marshall Michael(606-364-7807)
Marshall Brown(606-364-2060)
Metcalf Linda(606-364-2226)
Metcalf Ray(606-364-2226)
Metcalf Pearl(606-364-5326)
Metcalf Evelyn(606-364-5904)
Abner April(606-364-2854)
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