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King Elijah(606-593-6690)
Duff Nora(606-593-5561)
Dunn Norma(606-593-6801)
Vires Hazel(606-593-6810)
Gabbard Betty(606-593-5667)
Couch Bobby J(606-593-7840)
Turner P C(606-593-6679)
Yeary Pamela J(606-593-5929)
Yeary Wayne(606-593-5929)
Allen Ambrose(606-593-7975)
Allen Helen(606-593-7975)
Bowling Wilburn(606-593-5802)
Frost Phyllis(606-593-6115)
Combs Junior(606-593-5003)
Price Donald(606-593-5649)
Bennett Ellis(606-593-5936)
Marshall Timmy(606-593-5536)
Combs Lesa(606-593-5968)
Combs Willie(606-593-5968)
Bowling Albert(606-593-6991)
Burns Stanley(606-593-5187)
Marshall Eddie(606-593-7441)
Marshall June(606-593-6357)
Bowling Clarence(606-593-7659)
Upper Buffalo Baptist Church(606-593-6000)
Sizemore Donald(606-593-6626)
Marshall Floyd(606-593-6926)
McKinney Carl(606-593-7158)
Deaton Dennis(606-593-6620)
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