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May Victor(606-432-3223)
Thomas Lula(606-631-8929)
Wilhite Rosemary(606-631-3997)
Lemaster Mack(606-631-6639)
Keene Robert(606-631-6551)
Meade Lucian(606-631-9339)
Bevins Ollie(606-631-1133)
Bevins Billy(606-631-1093)
Bevins Brooksy(606-631-3251)
Bowman Bobby(606-631-9311)
Dotson Tracy A(606-631-4290)
Coleman Gary(606-631-4693)
Smith Amanda(606-631-6956)
Adkins Lisa(606-631-6360)
Anderson Elmer(606-631-3130)
Anderson Mabel(606-631-3130)
Hensley Roy(606-631-3070)
Chapman Gary(606-631-9039)
Chapman Margaret(606-631-9039)
Thacker Clarence(606-631-9897)
Anderson Ricky(606-631-3748)
Anderson William(606-631-3111)
Anderson Nancy(606-631-3167)
Saylor Bobby G(606-631-1557)
Coleman Clarence(606-631-4766)
Coleman Patricia(606-631-4766)
Thacker James(606-631-1624)
Scott Jane(606-631-7395)
Thacker Cleve Jr(606-631-1274)
Hurley Melody(606-631-1977)
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