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Adamson Betty L(304-567-2286)
Adamson Gary(304-567-2672)
Adamson John R(304-567-2672)
Adamson Teddy(304-567-2688)
Allegheny Farms(304-567-2252)
Auvil John T(304-567-2514)
Auville Sherry(304-567-2215)
Bennett David L(304-567-2832)
Bennett Dolan(304-567-4548)
Bennett Fred(304-567-2377)
Bennett Grace(304-567-2832)
Bennett M A(304-567-3130)
Bennett Shirley(304-567-4548)
Bible Earl(304-567-2828)
Bible Missionary Church(304-567-2288)
Biby J N(304-567-2960)
Bland Foster(304-567-2497)
Bland Orville(304-567-2738)
Bogan Doug(304-567-2893)
Bowers Jerry(304-567-2044)
Brown Jill(304-567-2325)
Brunk Kent(304-567-2060)
Brunk Lavern(304-567-3236)
Brunk Roland(304-567-3232)
Butcher Worth(304-567-2204)
Callen Stephen A(304-567-3030)
Chewning Jack(304-567-2686)
Chiasson Robert F(304-567-6829)
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