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Jeffersonville Assembly of God Church(859-497-0271)
Parker Automobile Upholstery(859-499-3495)
Closet Shop(859-881-8464)
Barnes Richard J(606-726-9607)
Rose Lewis(606-723-5407)
Hall Arleen(606-723-6743)
Jenkins Addie(606-723-7665)
Freeman Elbert B(606-723-5000)
Bailey Columbus(606-723-2001)
Fox James(606-723-3414)
Sparks Sandy(606-723-2034)
Combs Misty E(606-723-9253)
Sizemore Erica(606-726-0796)
Sizemore Tim(606-726-0796)
Young Eddie(606-723-7866)
Crowe Melissa(606-723-9066)
Rose Ben(606-723-3744)
Gatts Mary(606-723-0751)
Bingham Doris(606-723-7329)
Estes Nellie(606-723-6788)
Croucher Jesse(606-723-4133)
Croucher Mollie(606-723-5849)
Young Dale(606-723-3399)
Estes Glendon(606-723-7779)
Richardson Darrell L(606-723-5743)
Hall Anthony(606-723-7661)
Hall David(606-723-3845)
Hall Sandy(606-726-9644)
Henry Elizabeth(606-726-0383)
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