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Don F Pratt Museum(270-798-4986)
Massie David(270-265-3206)
Massie Monica(270-265-3206)
Whitsell Daniel(270-265-7771)
Rager Harold(270-265-0505)
Robertson Mary G(270-265-5772)
Anderson J(270-265-5473)
Rager Bill(270-265-2222)
Shade Andrea(270-265-7330)
Shade Rick(270-265-7330)
Kinney's Service Center(270-265-5219)
Rundall James(270-265-9860)
Rundall Yvonne(270-265-9860)
Laurent Craig(270-265-3106)
Laurent Stacy(270-265-3106)
Wade A M(270-265-9670)
Ross Harold(270-265-2493)
Krohn Alexander(270-265-0912)
Krohn Cindy(270-265-0912)
Todd County Board of Education(270-265-3593)
Hedge Mitch(270-265-2221)
Miller C C Jr(270-265-5757)
Wood Linda(270-265-5423)
Nichols Roy(270-265-3693)
Nichols Wanda(270-265-3693)
Ricchuite John L(270-265-3019)
Lindsey J H(270-265-2287)
Harris Paula(270-265-0374)
Harris Wayne(270-265-0374)
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